Over time the rallying call popularized by Nick Fury and his crack commando squad and their nickname, the Howling Commandos has etched a unique legacy all its own beyond the original seven men fighting in World War II. The name Howling Commando carried on into the future, taking on some unique permutations.

The Sisterhood of the Howling Commandments

X-Nation 2099:
X-Men 2099: 26-27, 30, 34

"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition"

---Sister Margaret X-Men 2099 #27

A paramilitary religious order drawn to the hotspots of the world, the sisterhood bring basic services such as health clinics alongside their unique brand of tough justice. Some from the Sisterhood allied themselves with the X-Men, among them Sister Margaret who helped run a clinic with Xi'an.

Running the Xavier Shelter for Indignant Children in Halo City, from the Sisterhood was the tough-as-nails warrior nun, Sister Nicholas Bridge. The Howlers helped create a refuge for underage and runaway mutants with the mutant Shakti who was trying to ferret out a supposed mutant "messiah" that was statically predicted by Doom. Trying to instill in the young mutants discipline and education, the Howlers eventually lost their lives defending the shelter against attack from Atlantian warriors who came looking for one of their own.
  • Continuity Notes
  • Sister Nicholas evokes two names with SHIELD ties, Nick Fury and G.W Bridge; any relation to these men is unknown
  • Halo City was created by Doom during the One Nation Under Doom storyline which also introduced a new SHIELD.

SHIELD's Monster Squad: The Howling Commandos

Nick Fury's Howling Commandos:

Housed at SHIELD's secret complex known as Area 13, the "Howling Commandos" work as an elite team of supernatural beings conscripted by SHIELD to use their paranormal ablities as a 'shock and awe bludgeon' against the likes of doomsday cult, the Lords of the Living Lighting and other threats. The primary strike team is composed of Warwolf (a werewolf), Gorilla Man, vampire Nina Price, The Living Mummy, and a clone of Frankenstein's monster.

The team bears a resemblance to Hydra's mid 90's Department of Occult Armanaments which also featured supernatural agents, among them a zombie, witch, and a mummy.

  • Continuity Notes
  • Appearances by Clay Quartermain, Nick Fury, and Dum Dum Dugan.
  • Warwolf yells out the Howler cry of "Wahoo"
  • Dum Dum was formerly in command, before being handed over to Clay Quartermain.

Howling Commandos

Secret Warriors:

SHIELD was disbanded in the wake of the Skrull invasion and replaced by a new security agency, H.A.M.M.E.R., formed by Norman Osborne. 1,200 SHIELD agents refused a transfer to the new agency and former Howlers Dum Dum Dugan took most of them to form Howling Commandos, a paramilitary group for hire. In time Nick Fury came to Dugan and hired them to launch a raid on the old SHIELD helicarrier dock to capture one of the airships.

  • Continuity Notes
  • Among the former SHIELD agents that join Howling Commandos are Dugan, Gabe Jones, and Jasper Sitwell.
  • Eric Koeing enlisted in HAMMER as a mole for HC.



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