Captain Action Sgt. Fury ad

As with most comic book heroes, Nick Fury got its first start in toys as a doll. In 1966, Ideal Toys released Sgt Fury, the second of two Marvel characters (the first being Captain America) to its Captain Action line.

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Fleetwood toys put out a small series of toy solider packs featuring Sgt. Fury artwork as part of thier licenening deal with Marvel in the early 1980s. The figures themselves are nothing different then the standard plastic toy soliders.

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The Sgt. Fury bust above came out in circa 2002 and these days is hard to find.

The Marvel Masterworks hardcover repint series as of 2009 have produced two volume of Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos. Each volume has a variant edition with green camoflauge cover.