Robert 'Rebel' Ralston
Alias: None
Status: Deceased
Rank: Private (World War II), Sergeant (Korean War)

Personal Bio Data

Place of Birth- Kentucky
Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives

Grandson - Ryan Ralston

"Shucks, I don't mind runnin Cap'n Sawyer's lil ole errands for him--but do they always have to bust up mah pokah games?"

--Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos #10:


Avengers/Invaders: 10
Captain America (1): 273-274

Captain America Annual: 9
Captain America (3): 20-21
Captain America/Nick Fury The Otherworld War
Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen: 4
Citizen V and the V Battalion: 2
Dr. Strange (2): 50-51
Gambit (2): 10
Invaders (1): 35
The Incredible Hulk (2): 434
, 436-437, 439-440
Marvel Comics Presents: 77-79
Marvel Two-In-One: 77
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD (2): 3-5
Secret Avengers (2013): 3
Secret Warriors: 17, 27-28
Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos: 1-167
Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos (2009)
What If? (1): 14

Appearance Highlights

Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos #1
First appearance

Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos #24
Nazis take over his family homestead in Kentucky

Captain America Annual #9
Reb recalls a deadly Howler mission in the wake of being shot as a senator in 1990.

Secret Warriors #27-28
Sen. Ralston helps Nick Fury on the political front by dealing with Congress and the United Nations to help form a sequel organzation to SHIELD.

Secret Avengers #3

Dies while trying to help Marcus Johnson/Nick Fury Jr.and Daisy Johnson against the forces of A.I.M.

Small in stature but large in purpose and bravery, 'Rebel' Raston was one of the most daring of the Howling Commandos (and their best poker player). Born and bred on his parent's expansive Kentucky estate, Ralston is an accomplished horseman and an expert with the lasso. He cut his career as a racing jockey short to enlist in the US Army where he quickly found himself a spot on the First Attack Squad. During one of thier early missions, Ralston's enthusiastic "rebel" yell of "WA-HOO" earned the company their nickname of the Howling Commandos. Such were the Howling Commandos feared by the Third Reich, a counter squad of elite fighters, the Blitzkrieg Squad was formed, and among their number, Ernest, a horseman from the obsolete German cavalry, earned a spot on Von Strucker's counter squad to the Howling Commandos as the opposite number to Reb Ralston.

His Howler career did not stop with the end of World War II however. Ralston signed up for a tour of duty in the Army during the Korean war where he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. Later Ralston volunteered to reunite with the Howlers for a special mission in Vietnam.

Following the Korean War, Raltson went on to fight Congressional battles as a State Representative and later a Senator for Texas. He became a strong crusader for civil rights legislation, nearly costing him his life during an assassination attempt at a public Howling Commandos reunion in 1972. Later Howler reunions included a battle with a Baron Von Strucker Life Model Decoy; a fateful mission that resulted in the death of General "Happy" Sam Sawyer.

Related to his career in American politics is his connection with the post-war incarnation of the V-Battalion, an international super-hero group overseen by the Penance Council on which Ralston served on. In 1990, Ralston faced a second assassination attempt, this time making a televised speech as co-chair of the senate defense committee. Captain America was on site to apprehend the right-wing zealot who shot Ralston.

Reb Ralston was seen helping to organize Nick Fury's "funeral" alongside Tony Stark and the President in 1993. Shortly after, Ralston was put under the mental control of the villain Omnibus and sat on a committee overseeing the imprisoned Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk.

In 2010, he played a vital role in the U.S. Senate in aiding Nick Fury and his private army, Howling Commandos PMC. Sen. Ralston maneuvered his way into becoming the President's appointee to the United Nations to oversee a new international anti-terrorist force, secretly put together by Fury.



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