Iron Man #411

Daredevil #65

Uncanny X-Men #442

Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1

Deadpool #2

Cameo appearances by Nick Fury in order chronological to his life (well, I've tried at least). The year of publication of the comic title appears beside the issue numbers.

  • Avengers #58 (2002)
  • The Order #6 (2002)
    Its every Marvel hero versus the Defenders; among them Nick Fury riding along on a hoverdisc. Dum Dum also makes an appearance
  • Peter Parker: Spiderman (2)#40-41 (2002)
    Our favorite webhead is on the hunt for some stolen technology and he comes to Fury for some info.
  • Marvel Universe: The End #1 (2003) - cover appearance
    Remember all those Infinity crossovers from the 80's and early 90's? Same here. Fury appears coordinating with attacks on Tell El Armana.
  • Captain America (4) #10-11 (2003)
    Chuck Austen and artist Jae Lee's grim and dirty tale of clone factories, drug-induced nightmares (or continuity revising memories) and a Native American shaman taking on the U.S. government paints a gray landscape for Fury to walk through and spout his weathered and war-won wisdom. Fury gets a nice monologue near #11's end that captures perfectly Nick Fury's role and duty.
  • X-Men Unlimited "Control" (2003)
    With Mystique in SHIELD custody, Fury offers the mutant a shot to redeem herself with a mission. Some clever dialogue although the eye patch modification is a bit much.
  • Iron Man #410-411, 414 "Man Hunt" (2003)
    Shortly following his revealing his identity to the world, Iron Man is framed for a terrorist act and Tony Stark is accused of aiding the North Koreans. After Stark asks him for help on information, Nick Fury steps in to protect him as best he can.
  • Alias #26 (2003)
  • Uncanny X-Men #442 (2004)
    In the wake of Magneto's destructive romp through NYC, Nick Fury gives Professor X and Wolverine a ride to Genosia where Professor X intends to bury him. Fury makes his opinions known to Xavier in regards to Magneto and then expresses his protest by leaving them there with no ride back. Very good appearance.
  • Avengers - JLA #2 (2004)
  • Weapon X #23 (2004)
    Double Fury cameo, a WWII flashback to Sgt. Fury and a modern day appearance with him cleaning up some Hydra goons (who look suspiciously like AIM to me)
  • Captain America & the Falcon #4 (2004)
    A cup of 'joe with the ole' his old hat no less!
  • Daredevil #61, 64 (2004)
    A deal between Moscow and Washington prompts Fury to call Black Widow and tell her to lay low.
  • Captain America & the Falcon #5-7 (2004)
  • Astonishing X-Men "Gifted" #3, 6 (2004)
  • Cable/Deadpool #6-12 (2004)
    Fury is only incidentally part of the story, himself taking orders from higer-ups in the geopolitical world. He stood true to form given his government's official interests in the matter and Fury did try to speak as the voice of reason on more than one occasion It was Fury who ordered Reed Richards to try to contact "the Alien" and sway over to "our side" the power and intervention of the Silver Surfer. (by Daniel Zadorozny)
  • Daredevil #65 (2004)
    Fury drops by Murdock's office and offers him a spot at SHIELD. A really good appearance
  • The Avengers (3) "Disassembled" #501-502 (2004)
    The Avengers mansion is struck and Fury and SHIELD are on hand to oversee the damage.
  • Identity Disc #5 (2004)
    In the wake of an attack on AIM by a band of villains lead by Sabertooth, Fury interrogates the lone known survivor, the Vulture. This is a good appearance to get.
  • Marvel Team-Up #6 (2005)
    Fury dispatches Black Widow and Captain America to deal with an alternate universe Doom/Tony Stark. Insignificant appearance by the Diamondback LMD and the helicarrier makes a rare cover appearance
  • Marvel Team-Up #13 (2006)
    Fury pats everyone on the back and tells them what a good job they've done, not much else
  • Hercules #1 (2005)
    Fury can be seen in attendance at the funeral for the fallen Avengers.
  • Megamorphs #2-3 (2005)
    Tony Stark finds that Doom is gunning for Tony Stark's latest giant robot toys, but Fury reveals its to grab a bigger toy, the Red Ronin!
  • Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1 (2005)
    Fury delivers Clay Quatermain to his new post at Area 31 where Clay is made the new wrangler for the monster squad.
  • The New Avengers #1 (2004)
    Elekto breaks out a ton of super-powered inmates and Fury is among the characters in the background of the investigations.
  • Livewires #2, 4-5 (2005)
    Its a Life Model Decoy for issues #4 and 5.
  • Fantastic Four: Foes #3-4 (2005)
    Fury lends the FF a hand with housing some of their notorious foes who have been on the offensive. Good appearance and Kirkman shows he is one of the better Fury writers of recent years.
  • Hercules #4 (2005)
    Jasper wakes Nick Fury up to inform him that one of the new 'labors' Hercules must perform is to drag around the SHIELD helicarrier; which he is dragging at that very moment.
  • Amazing Fantasy (2) #10,12 (2005)
    Token appearances as director in this SHIELD-heavy story. Check out a surprise cameo by a certain ex-SHIELD agent from volume 2.
  • New X-Men: Hellions #4 (2005)
    Nothing big, nothing unusual; just your generic Fury showing up for SHIELD's interests and wrapping things up nice and neat. (by Daniel Zadorozny)
  • She-Hulk (3) #3 (2006)
  • Doc Samson #1 (2006)
    Some Skrull trouble pops up and Fury puts in a call to everyone's favorite green-haired shrink; oh and Fury is still director of SHIELD.
  • Cable & Deadpool #24 (2006)
  • The New Avengers #14 (2006)
    The Secret War aftermath continues as Spider-Woman explains her complicated history, heavy on the "Thank God for Nick Fury". Look for references to everything from Elektra #1-5 to Hulk #88-89. This is a must-have issue.
  • Spider-Woman (3) #1 (2009)
    One panel flashback appearence.
  • Strange Tales (4) #2 (2009)
    Appearences in two different stories. Fury appears in the humerous intro page to the issue and later he's in the Black Widow story dispatching Widow to her latest assignment. Not much here to see.
  • Dark Avengers #11 (2009)
    Flasback shows how Victoria Hand lost her standing as a SHIELD agent, by writing a complaint letter to Nick Fury. The art is great and its funny, but I think it paints Fury in a bad light.
  • Nomad: Girl Without a World #4 (2010)
    Look for a wanted poster of Nick Fury in the background the at reads "Dead or Alive" and features a website;!
  • Black Widow: Deadly Origins #3 (2010)
    Widow comes to Fury for some help (what else is new?). Also look out for a Russian space helicarrier!
  • Captain America (5) #602
    Fury gives Bucky a new flesh-toned arm and shows him intel on the 1950s Captain America stirring up trouble in Idaho.