The Call #1-4 (2003)
Writer: Chuck Austen
Penciler: Pat Olliffe
Letterer: Randy Gentile

Cult leader Jeriah Halidon targets members of the NYC police and fire department after they foil his attempt to spread a virus following the explosion of the Knox building. Fury and SHIELD are on site in the aftermath as one of their agents, Shannon Lawrence is exposed to the virus, together with three others, all of whom now begin to exhibit strange abilities and transformations.

  • Continuity Notes
  • The events of this series carry on from the Call of Duty: The Brotherhood miniseries
  • Appearances by Dum Dum
  • The latest SHIELD agent tactical uniforms have the agents hidden under black masks with flack vests that read 'SHIELD'.

I don't have a clue where this was going or how it links to the Call of Duty mini that came out after the 9-11 tragedy, but I can tell you that its got to be one of the stranger storylines that Fury has been party to. SHIELD makes a strong presence and its interesting to see Fury taking charge of a situation without any super-hero interference. The art team gives us a really nice two-pager with the helicarrier (drawn in traditional style I'm happy to report) and an army of choppers and planes heading into combat. The bizarre nature of the plot puts to mind the old Fury title, Strange Tales; strange indeed. Hard to recommend for anyone outside the completionist.