Black Widow 2: The Things They Say About Her (Sept 2005 - Mar 2006)
Writer: Richard K Morgan
Artists: Sean Phillips & Bill Sienkiewicz
Cover Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz

Black Widow goes on the run and infiltrates Cuba where she takes refuge with her former competitor for the Widow mantle, Yelena Belova. Belova agrees to shelter her in exchange the Widow handles some business in Miami where she follows a loose end that leads her to find that Sally Ann McMasters is still alive. The Black Widow's trail of revenge lands Nick Fury in jail as a terrorist in Guantanamo and Matt Murdock on the run in Cuba.

  • Continuity Notes
  • Appearance by Daredevil and Yelena Belova
  • The President has the authority to replace Nick Fury.
  • Its implied that Daredevil's activities receive some form of license from SHIELD and it would change drastically if Fury were replaced
  • Fury is detained at Guantanamo Base in Cuba. Its unclear if this is connected with his post-Secret War activities.

Picking up right after Black Widow: Homecoming, this second volume in Richard K Morgan's dark revision of the title character takes everyone involved down one of the darkest and dirtiest stories to come out of Marvel in some time. For his part, Fury makes more appearances then the last story, as he once again tries to cover the Widow, coming to her rescue. Its been a long time since we've seen Fury is such a dangerous fix, however the story offers no resolution to his situation. Much like the Black Widow: Breakdowns miniseries, Daredevil, the two Widows and Fury are seen work in the shadow world of espionage where motivations, situations and outcomes are often ambiguous. What is plain to see here is that the players do find themselves coming to each other's aid and Fury certainly wouldn't take that kind of beating for just anyone. Having said that, the story is just a tad too grim in terms of art to really enjoy it and Fury really does little else but sit in a chair and take abuse for the last half of the series.


Cameo appearances by Nick Fury in Black Widow titles starting in 2004. The order is chronological to Fury's life (well, I've tried at least). The year of publication of the comic title appears beside the issue numbers.

Black Widow 1: Homecoming #3 (2004)
Black Widow is persona-non-grata and Fury stonewalls those trying to find her. Strong cameo for Fury

Black Widow 1: Homecoming #6 (2005)
Undoes any goodwill established in his first appearance in this series. Manages to wreck a perfectly fine relationship that has run some years now with the revelation that Fury wears a cologne that actually affects Widow's judgment and makes her unable to resist any request he makes of her. No, I'm not making this up.