Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn #1
Marvel Mangaverse: Eternity Twilight #1

Earth 2301
Jumping on the anime-magna bandwagon, Marvel released a series of oneshots in 2002 remaking the Marvel Universe with a trademark Japanese bent, including a Hulk that resembled Godzilla. In this universe Tony Stark has a sister, Antoinette, who is a former SHIELD agent and takes on the armor in wake of her brother's disappearance and Baron Von Strucker and HYDRA is an ally of Namor and Atlantis. Also Hydra plays a crucial role as they are run by a group known as the Keepers who sought to bring supernatural beings to the world.

Continuity Notes:

  • The popularity of the 'manga'/anime style of art has influenced many artists working in mainstream Marvel Universe comics, thus rendering more Nick Furys in this style, most notably the Marvel Tsunami title Venom and Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • Glimpsed in this series is a SHIELD video game featuring AIM and the Yellow Claw.

Penciler: Ben Dunn
Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn #1

Avengers: United They Stand #2
Based on the short-lived FOX animated series, this comic featured original stories in the continuity of the series. In this universe, Nick Fury loses his eyes in the present day after battling the hordes of HYDRA, here lead by a frail 103-year-old Baron Von Strucker who keeps himself alive via advanced medicine and machines. Fury's age or any previous history with Von Strucker in WW II is not mentioned.

Continuity Notes:

  • Appearance by Dum Dum Dugan and Jasper Sitwell and the helicarrier
  • Von Strucker wields a Satan Claw and owns a panther (like the Imperial Hydra).

Penciler: Jason Armstrong
Inker: Scott Koolish

Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD #1
Earth 9602
In the Amalgam universe, the histories of DC and Marvel merge into one. While most heroes and villains merged into one unit, Nick Fury remained unchanged, albeit no longer the director of SHIELD having trained his successor, Bruce Wayne. Fury is now retired alongside DC Comics's WWII vet Sgt. Rock.

Penciler: Cary Nord
Inker: Mark Pennington

Wildcats/X-Men: The Silver Age 
Marvel's crossover with Image in 1997 produced this one shot where Nick Fury recruits Cole Cash from a South American prison to help SHIELD fend off an alien invasion by the Brood. Cash accepts and together with Agent 43 and Jean Grey from the X-Men they stop the latest plan by the Brood and Mr. Sinister.

Continuity Notes:

  • Appearances by the helicarrier and a jeep with the trademark SHIELD hover conversion
  • Nick Fury is featured on the Jim Lee cover variant.
  • Scott Lobdell, was also a writer on Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD (2)

Penciller: Jim Lee

Captain America (4) #19-20
In this divergent timeline, Captain America awakens in a Nazi-controlled world under the leadership of the Red Skull where he is not awaken until 2004. Found by a Nazi sub-commander, Captain America is brought to New Berlin (formerly New York) where he falls in with the resistance movement. Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan are among the underground fighters. Also worth noting is that Baron Von Strucker serves the Red Skull faithfully and is the first to travel back in the past in an attempt to cement the Nazi empire throughout time.

Continuity Notes:
Cover Appearances on issue #19

Penciller: Lee Weeks
Inker Tom Palmer
Colorist Dave Stewart
  Fantastic Four The End #3-6

In this 'final' Fantastic Four story, Reed Richards has turned the Earth into a Utopia, but it is threatened by team-up of old FF foes. Nick Fury commands the SHIELD Ark, a space faring version of the helicarrier. Val and Dugan still sporting their classic 60s image are also aboard.

Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

This version of Nick Fury existed in world gone mad with a zombie infestation that has spread across the world including to the superhero community. Fury stands as one of the last non-infected and calls those like him to seek refuge aboard the helicarrier and seek a cure, including the Fanstic Four and Nova.

Attempting to gain help from Doctor Doom, Fury fails and learns from Tony Stark that there is little hope for a cure to even work at this stage. A dimensional portal is constucted to the Negative Zone where survivors can escape, but once the carrier is overrun with zombies, Fury orders it destoryed.


Fantastic Four (2) #12

In this offshoot from the Heroes Reborn universe, the Marvel Universe and Image are one. Nick Fury and Dugan are both killed (off panel), Fury losing his life in battle with Doctor Doom. Doom is said to have taken Fury's head and mounted it on his wall. Its unclear if this adventure takes place in the same universe as 1997's WildCATS/X-Men Silver Age one shot.

  Exiles #49

The alternate-universe-tripping team of mutants find themselves in a world where the Impossible Man has run amok. The Exiles phone Fury from the crashed helicarrier in Washington DC and find that he's trapped in Disney World. Fury updates them on how things in this world went awry.

Earth X 
Earth 9997
In this universe designed by comic creator Alex Ross, Norman Osborne becomes president of the United States and using alien DNA forms a virus named Hydra, literally talking over people, even those who are dead. Captain America refused to side with Osborne and Hydra was used to destroy SHIELD, talking over the likes of Sharon Carter, Dum Dum, and Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine. The helicarrier crashed and Nick Fury perished there, his LMDs running mad all about.

Continuity Notes:

  • Brief appearances by Dugan, and other SHIELD crew taken over by the Hydra
  • The Hydra, of course, evokes the name of SHIELD's #1 foe, HYDRA.

Iron Man - Crash (1988)
In the near future, the reclusive Tony Stark has decided to make his Iron-Man technology available to all the world, but a conspiracy within Stark International and the Japanese conglomerate ESON threaten to use the technology to up the Information Wars.

Continuity Notes

  • Fury comes out of retirement to head an investigation by SHIELD, which is now a global police service, beholden to no one government.
  • The helicarrier was destroyed in 1985, now replaced by the Levicarrier
  • Tony Stark revealed himself as Iron Man 14 years prior to this adventure
  • Fury appears makes mention of a "Mary Ann", who has now left him.
  • Nick Fury would appear as a 'digital' character again in MAX: US War Machine II

    Artist/Writer: Mike Saenz
    Producer/Programmer: William Bates

Marvel Apes
In this alternate universe, apes are the reigning form of life on Earth and history mirrors that of 616 Earth. During World War II Nick Furry lead his team of crack commandos known as the Howler Commandos. Among them are ape versions of Dum Dum, Pinky, Izzy, and Reb.

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #18

In this all-ages Marvel series, Sue Storm is offered a chance to be a secret agent for the government by Nick Fury. After several missions however Sue decides to stay with her family and turns down a chance to be her own boss.

Continuity Notes

  • Cover appearance.
  • Curiously no mention of SHIELD is ever made as the secret government agency Fury works for, however several SHIELD elements are in clear evidence including hovercars and a character resembling Sidney Levine.
  • Parts of the plot resemble the film True Lies, which itself shares similarities to SHIELD.