'1602' - Sir Nicholas Fury
Earth 311-

Appearances : 1602 #1-8

The head of Queen Elizabeth's intelligence service, this version of Fury existed on an alternate Earth created when Captain America was cast through a time portal from Earth 460 by the Purple Man (who had become President) and left for dead in the past of Earth 616. This act caused an anomalous jump starting of the Marvel Universe in the 15th century. Following the assassination of his Queen, Fury eventually landed in the New World following his invasion of Latveria to free his friend Sir Reed Richards. Fury played a crucial role in trying to return history to its normal path by bringing Steve Rogers back to the future, possibly at the cost of his own life.

Continuity Notes

  • Cover appearances on issue #8
  • Peter Parquagh, the 1602 equivalent to Peter Parker, is Fury's apprentice
  • Dum Dum Dugan also has a counterpart in this universe, Dougan, who serves as Fury's aide.
  • Nick Fury's real-world counterpart in Queen Elizabeth's court at this time would have been Sir Francis Walsingham
  • Worth noting is Fury's involvement with the British crown in this universe. Fury has in fact operated extensively in Britain, stationed there throughout WWII, in addition to training British paratroopers prior to 1942.
  • Like in the regular Marvel Universe, Fury and Captain America seem to have a unique bond, an element which seems to run through many alternate universes.
  • Fury commands briefly a flying ship, akin to the helicarrier in the regular Marvel Universe.